About MEcreate Inc.

In 1998 a group of us working for a variety of advertising agencies ventured out looking to create a new kind of Identity Company. We believed that Branding and Advertising should be an investment not an expense. We believed that companies should be able to see a return on that investment and not just a feel good return, an actual trackable ROI. We took that thinking, combined with years of experience, dashed in a bit of common sense and created a Trademarked process we called Brand ForensicsTM. Through this process we have been able to help countless local, national and international clients over the last 13 years realize that ROI. The exciting thing is that the ROI is just the end result what happens along the way has truly changed everything that I used to believe about marketing and communications. The key starts with corporations understanding their true unique DNA and then having the ability to translate that DNA into everything they do. Once they have translated it, then they can apply it to each of their customer groups specific touchpoints. These customers are by no way limited to end customers, your customer groups can include, your board of directors, your staff, your shareholders, your investors, your vendors and finally your end customer. Each one of those groups needs to be effectively managed through their “Customer Journey” of Discovery, Purchase and Commitment through to the end goal, what we call Advocacy. Most of these needs can be fulfilled without any form of advertising at all. It’s all about people and relationships. The power that effectively managing Advocacy wields across a corporation and its customer groups is truly astounding, backed by common sense and over 20 years of great research.

Blogging is a new experience for me and I will do my best to illustrate in great detail all of the things that I have mentioned, as always I am a huge believer in open source, and helping people so I would love your feedback, suggestions and comments.

Dan Enders

President/Identity Engineer

Phills Meat Market, the history of branding.
Phills Meat Market, the history of branding. Ask me to tell you the story.

MEcreate Inc. Is the Identity Engineering / Branding company.

We help Create Revive and Sustain Brand Identity.