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My annual Christmas message with a branding spin to it.

Who Nose the true Story?

Who Nose the Story? Ten years into the great depression, the year is 1939, Bob looks across his shabby two room apartment at his wife lying on the couch; the same place she has been fighting terminal cancer for the last two years. His mind drifts towards the endless growing pit of medical bills that

The Best Job on Earth!

The Best Job on Earth! So here’s the skinny, you do the same job every year, work tonnes of overtime, deal with billions of clients, have huge manufacturing flows, wear a funny uniform, live at a freezing work camp, your boss gets all the credit, the nearest Starbucks is a thousand miles away, and you

Santa’s Even Bigger Than Coke!

Santa’s even bigger than Coke! As Forbes put it: “He runs a multinational enterprise that combines uncanny customer intelligence, superb information management and world-class service. He leads a logistical tour de force that spans the globe and delivers the goods, just in time. And he does it all with a warm – some would say